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Cactus Jack's features a great variety of ticket games.  These games give players a chance to win tickets that can be traded for cool and fun candies, toys, and other prizes in our ticket redemption center.

Game TitleOverview
Basket Fever Basketball Themed Skee Ball Lane
Big Haul
Roll Your Token Into the Dump Truck
Bubbas Excavation Roll Your Token Into the Open Slot to Win Big!
Cheese Chase Spin the Wheel for Big Ticket Prizes!
Chuckles Basketball Shoot Baskets for Tickets
Coynz Aim Your Token at the Lit Lane for Big Wins!
Cyclone Stop the Spinning Light on Ticket Jackpot
Deal or No Deal Keep Your Eye on the Case of 1,000 Tickets
DinoScore Flip Your Token Into the Dinosaurs Mouth to Win
Gold Zone Roll Your Token Onto the Spinning Disk and Knock Off Coins
Hoop Fever Full-Sized Basketball - Score Points to Win Tickets
Iceball Skee-Ball Traditional Skee Ball Lane - Score Points to Win!
King of the Castle Flip Your Token Into the Kings Castle to Win!
Monopoly Stop the Spinning Light on Ticket Jackpot
Pharaohs Treasure Collect Ancient Treasure Tickets by Knocking of Tokens
Price is Right Plinko Spell P-L-I-N-K-O with your Token to Win Big
Pink Panther Time your Token Drop to Knock Coins Off the Playfield
Coin Pushing Madness You Keep the Coins Pushed Over the Edge!
Raptor Captor Shoot Your Ball Into the Dinosaurs Lair to Win
Rock n Bowl Your Token is the Bowling Ball!
Skee Ball Lightning Tradition Skee Ball Lane - Score Points to Win Tickets!
Titanic Stop the Spinning Light, Save the Ship, Win Tickets!
UB Quarterback Pass the Ball Down the Field for Tickets
Wacky Gator Whack the Aligators before they Bite You!
Wheel Deal Roll your Token onto the Spinning Disk for Jackpot
Wheel em In Roll your Token into the Jackpot Lane to Win!
Winners Wheel Plunge your Ball Into the Spinning Prize Hole
Wonder Wheel Launch your Token into the JACKPOT Slot to Win Big!
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