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Cactus Jack's features the largest pinball machine collection in Oklahoma available for public play.  There are 5 known larger collections of pinball machines in the United States, but we'd bet our machines are the finest maintained collection you will find.  Pinball is our passion and we hope it becomes your's too.  Browse our current lineup of pinball machines below and plan your visit.  Bet you can't play just one! 

Game TitleOverview
24 Solve crimes and Save the President to become a Master Agent
AC/DC Play songs from the jukebox to make it Encore Mode
Addams Family Visit all the rooms in the Mansion to Tour the Mansion
Attack from Mars Defend earth from martian invasions and Rule the Universe
Avatar Complete character modes to protect the unobtanium
Breakshot Play Eight Ball, Nine Ball, Rotation and Cutthroat Countdown
Cactus Canyon Win gunfights and become the Marshall
Champion Pub Fight in the boxing ring to become world champion
Corvette Build a Corvette collection by winning drag races
Creature from the Black Lagoon       The Creature steals the girl and you must find her
Demolition Man Defeat Simon Phoenix
Family Guy Spell F-A-R-T to start Fart Multiball, and other stuff
Flintstones Work at the quarry and go bowling afterwards
Guns n Roses Complete objectives to reach Riot Wizard Mode
Harley Davidson Travel to different cities and collect patches for your jacket
Jack*Bot Play various casino games, cheat if you can, and score points
Judge Dredd Catch criminals, build a chain, and reach the Ultimate Challenge
Lord of the Rings Gather your clan and destroy the ring
Medieval Madness Destroy the castles defended by various knights
Metallica Electrocute Sparky, knock down grave markers, feed the snake
Nascar Complete objectives to win the race
NBA Fastbreak Take you team to the Championship by making your shots
NBA Fastbreak Linked for head-to-head competition
No Fear Dangerous Sports Compete in dangerous challenges and Meet Your Maker
No Good Gofers Play golf and avoid those pesky gofers
Playboy Collect 12 Centerfolds to reach Mansion Mania
Revenge from Mars Defend earth from martian invasions and Rule the Universe
Ripleys Believe it or Not Visit continents and discover odd and fascinating things
Road Show Help Red and Ted cause bulldozer mahem across the country
Roller Coaster Tycoon Become a Park Tycoon by attracting park visitors
Royal Flush Collect cards to assemble a Royal Flush
South Park Collect the characters to earn Volcano Multiball
Star Trek Complete the movie scenes to defeat Kahn
Star Trek : The Next Generation Complete the missions to reach the Final Frontier
Star Wars Episode 1 Develop your Jedi skills to become a Jedi Spirit
The Avengers Collect the Avengers and defeat the villains
The Shadow Complete the scenes and reach the Final Battle
The Simpsons Pinball Party Complete objectives based on the TV show
Tron Legacy Complete the modes to reach Portal Wizard Mode
Twilight Zone Collect door panels to reach Lost In The Zone
Wheel of Fortune Spin the wheel and solve the puzzles
Wizard of Oz Defeat the Wicked Witch of the West and meet the Wizard of Oz
World Poker Tour Play and win Texas Hold'em Tournaments
X-Men Collect the X-Men and defeat the villains
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